Effective and customized

Many blood vessels transport blood through the whole body. From large arteries to common veins and small capillaries. If you have a vascular disease, one or more blood vessels are badly functioning. Vessels can become blocked or constricted, preventing the blood from flowing properly.

The term vascular diseases covers all disorders of the (cardio)vascular system. When you have a vascular disease or vascular complaints, you will usually be treated with medication and/or surgery. Also, lifestyle advice will be part of the plan. We come up with the best effective and customized treatment plan for you.

Symptoms of a vascular disease:
Cramping pain in the muscles, with walking, exercising or also at rest, paleness or coolness of the leg or foot and numbness or tingling, shortage of breath and fatigue: these are possible symptoms of a vascular disease. Sometimes, you don’t notice there’s something wrong with your blood vessels. At Advanced Vein & Vascular Management we know everything about vascular diseases and based on profound professional expertise in vascular care we offer the most effective treatment plan for each individual condition.