(Lymphedema) Leg Swelling Doctor Michigan

Lymphedema and Leg swelling Doctor Michigan

The word ‘edema’ means fluid retention. Lymphedema involves an accumulation of lymph fluid and proteins under the skin. This accumulation is caused by a disorder or blockage in the lymphatic system, whereby the discharge of lymph fluid is limited. If such thing occour, contact a leg swelling doctor near me in Michigan.

(Lymphedema) Leg Swelling Treatment

Compression therapy
This is a combination of bandaging and movement. Bandaging, in combination with the right movement, ensures that the moisture, and hereby also the pressure, in the arm or leg decreases, so that you will usually have less pain.

Manual lymph drainage
In this treatment the superficial lymph vessels in the skin are manually stimulated to absorb extra moisture. In addition to bandaging, this ensures drainage of lymph fluid. Manual lymph drainage is carried out according to a specifically described method. Based on protocols and evidence-based medicine.

Lymph taping
This is a technique that is used in addition to manual lymphatic drainage. This tape is specially designed for lymphedema. The tape ensures that an area that is difficult to bandage can still be properly treated.

Lympha Press
A Lympha Press can be used as an additional treatment to reduce the moisture in the arm or leg, and possibly the hand or foot. Here you get a cuff around the arm or leg, which exerts a certain pressure. This ensures that the fluid, which your lymph vessels no longer drain sufficiently independently, is largely removed mechanically.

Therapeutic elastic stocking
When it appears that the maximum expected volume reduction of the lymphedema has been reached, you will be fitted with a therapeutic elastic stocking. This should be worn every day to maintain the volume reduction achieved.

These were some various types of leg swelling treatment that are carried out by you leg swelling doctor near me in Michigan at Advanced Veins & Vascular Management.