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Why You Should Come And Visit Advanced Wound Healing Center Michigan Today?

Treatment of non-healing wounds can be difficult. At the Advanced Wound Healing Center Michigan, we are responsible for the treatment of chronic wounds by a dedicated multi disciplinary team. Our aim for you is to recover and lead quality of life. By putting together experts from all facets of wound care in one place, you will the latest medical services for wound healing.

Our multi-disciplinary team at Wound Care Center Michigan

Many wounds can be treated at the Advanced Wound Healing Center Michigan, like ulcers, non-curing surgical wounds, cancerous wounds, traumatic injuries, radiation sickness, and allergic ulcers. In turn, patients who have recently been released from a hospital with a wound can benefit by visiting our clinic.
We will consult with your physicians to manage your treatment and keep them aware of your progress. It all begins with you looking for Wound Care Clinic Near Me in Michigan, followed by assessment and care by one of our specialist suppliers and accredited wound surgeons, such as:

  • Advanced Practitioner Clinic
  • Certified Nurses with Wound
  • Family Drugs
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Clinical exercise;
  • Physical Medicine and Recovery
  • Physical treatment
  • Plastic surgery
  • Podiatrists
  • Social work

Hyperbar Oxygen Treatment
When tissue is weakened, extra oxygen may be needed to recover. With hyperbaric oxygen therapy patients breathe oxygen at increased speed from a supportive delivery device dubbed “oxygen hoods.” During this treatment you settle in a large reclining chair and sit up straight during care.

Wound Care Prgrammes at AVVM – Wound Care Clinic Near me in Michigan

  • Wound Care Center Michigan offers many services for the treatment of chronic injuries. These services shall include:
  • Evaluation and control of wounds.
  • Washing and gauze.:
  • The advanced array of dressing.
  • Pressure therapies include compression wraps, even negative pressure wound therapy.
  • Moisture care and tissue builders.
  • Biological dressing/skin replacements.
  • Physical therapy, such as electro-stimulation, a therapy which has used the electrical charge to activate organic wound healing, plus pulsed washing, a therapy that utilizes pulsing liquid to clean wounds.
  • Surgical therapies, if required, such as removal of unhealthy or dead tissue that prevents wound healing, including wound biopsies to identify anomalous tissues or infections.
  • Sophisticated surgical or medical care

Source Of Chronic Wounds

Health issues can affect wounds to grow, such as:

  • Arterial inadequacy (leg ulcers) – Blocked arteries in the legs may lead to ulcers or even, open sores to develop. These wounds are ischemic ulcers, which means that they are triggered by decreased blood supply, a sign of peripheral vascular disease.
  • Autoimmune diseases (leg and foot ulcers) – Complications like rheumatoid arthritis allow ulcers to form on the legs
  • Diabetes (foot ulcers) – Patients with diabetes are at increased risk of developing foot ulcers. These sores usually form at the bottom of the foot, which if left unchecked, can cause severe injuries, such as the need to amputate the injured foot or leg.
  • Harm (traumatic ulcers) – trauma that affects the body tissues or the arteries, along with veins or even the lymphatic system can contribute to ulcer formation.
  • Osteomyelitis (bone disease) – Bone tissue gets aggravated after a deadly disease travels to the bone.
  • Ostomy – This surgical technique requires an opening in the stomach to move waste out from the body, typically due to digestive issues. The ostomy wound should be kept sterile or can get contaminated.
  • Extended Pressure (bedsores) – These ulcers form in regions of the skin that is under intense, continuous pressure, usually when someone is severely ill or unaware. They generally form portions of the bony, bulging body, including the tailbone, elbows even shoulder blades.
  • Surgery (infected wounds) – After-surgery wounds could become infected, leaving the skin around the incision red and swollen. The infection stops the healing of the region.
  • Venous inadequacy (leg ulcers) – If the vessels that regulate the blood circulation to the heart collapse, the blood will be backed up and ulcers may develop. These sores typically occur on the lower leg or the foot.

Wound Care Treatment Specialist Center

Advanced Vein & Vascular Management is the most competent wound care treatment specialist center. Our wound care doctors are responsible for treating chronic wounds. Our goal for you is to recover and live a better life. By bringing together professionals from all facets of wound care in one place, you will receive the most up-to-date medical treatments for wound healing. Our wound care clinic is operational in different cities, which are Hillsdale MI, ColdWater MI, Adrian MI, Jackson MI, Sturgis MI, and Toledo OH. To get treated by our specialist doctors, call or book an appointment online today!

Our dedicated team of physicians, clinicians, and care takers at the Advanced Wound Healing Center Michigan provides the most proactive outpatient wound treatment service, offering a robust, integrated framework to wound care. With a healing rate of more than 80%, the Wound Care Center Michigan service will allow many patients to recover fully in just some months. Visit Advanced Veins & Vascular Management today.

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